Jan Ravens

Jan Ravens

With her unique mix of hilarious mimicry and sharp satire, Jan Ravens is one of the UK’s most prominent impressionists. She is a long running star of BBC Radio 4’s Dead Ringers and her Theresa May impression achieved cult status, going viral on social media and with over 1 million views on YouTube, she's also a dab hand at Her Majesty!

Jan achieved rave reviews and broke box office records with her solo show Difficult Woman, followed by a sellout tour with Rory Bremner... she can also turn her hand to a game show or two, Jan has won Mastermind, two Pointless trophies, come first place on Richard Osman’s House of Games and beaten the Eggheads, is there no end to her talents.

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  • Jan Ravens is Hillary Clinton

    Jan Ravens is Hillary Clinton



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